Neurosurgical Instruments Catalog

Logan Surgical Instruments has been manufacturing the highest quality  Neurosurgical Instruments since 1965. Our skilled team follows time-honored traditions  of excellence established by the company's founder Charlie Gambale.


Teardrop Tapered Suction Tubes

Available in lengths Small, Medium, Long and Extra Long.

French sizes 2-12.

Suction tubes are assembled into a stainless steel handle with a teardrop cut-out on the thumb grip.  Handles can be coated per customer specification.


Transsphenoidal Ring Curette

Ring Diameter sizes vary in dimension from 1.5mm to 7.0mm.  This item can be angled at any orientation to meet our customer’s needs. 


Brain Spatula

Made from malleable stainless steel for optimal use during procedures these items are manufactured at varying lengths and are tapered from 13mm from narrowest to 25mm at widest end.


Bullet Tip Probe

Stainless steel on the working end bayoneted instruments fit to a diamond knurled stainless steel handle.   


Tumor Knife

 Microdissection tool.

Instrument Dissector


Minimally invasive stainless steel instrument used in transsphenoidal surgery.


Instrument Handles

Can be customized to your specifications.